Welcome to My Minds Eye. This is my world of design and concepts in multimedia that I've been working within for over 18 years now. I hope to provide a taste of my art as well as the eye that I mind. Feel free to look around. Let me know what you think? Coming soon i will have the availability to offer prints along with other merchandise featuring my artworks. Should be interesting to see where it goes? Enjoy and Thanks for dropping by my page. If you enjoyed it, please share it somewhere with someone. Links are on the bottom, \m/

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3D Printing & Design

Check out the latest 3D prints...
Some from thingiverse and a few of my models. More to come! Stepping up the mods for printing ABS at the moment. The heat i will bring, as of now it's PLA only. The difference? ABS plastic for strength and use in my truck. Hot days down south and it holds up to it well. PLA is strong for much but the plastic softens in high heat situations. \m/

All donations for 3D prints is much appreciated!!!

Thanks.... \m/


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